Renovation is a process of deep study, clear understanding and pointy execution. Process of renovation which includes Planning and preparation, appointing of labour and workers, monitoring, controlling and finishing comes into picture only after a clear idea. It starts with planning which is one of the most important task, because it’s the plan which is going to be executed so as to retrieve a building or space look special. Our young and energetic team is there to help you make and select the best possible plans and images of your perfect home or space. Then it comes to the preparation and procurement of all kind of raw material required. Keeping in mind the safety of surrounding we take a deep care of safety tools and mechanism. Parallel processing and timely execution help us deliver your perfect space with all smiles.

Our Process

  • It is the initial most process where we connect through several modes like call, message, whatsapp, Facebook, contact or Inquiry form.
  • A deep discussion over the requirement and how the same can be executed.
  • Making of plan and clarification of doubts and a clear image on upcoming process.
  • A detailed estimate with price and quality of all products, project tenure and other monitory terms.
  • Start of process as per selected plan and estimated budget.
  • Status and actual proceeding, regular updates and product quality cross check before installation.
  • Time to take you to your perfect home and go through the handover process.